How Allaire ColdFusion Almost Supplanted Microsoft ASP

The Meet The Makers interview with Jeremy Allaire was published over a year ago, but it nevertheless makes a very interesting read that's worth bubbling up to the surface again. I find it especially interesting how Jeremy Allaire recounts the circumspect tale of how Microsoft tried to acquire ColdFusion in 1995 before it acquired ASP later the next year.

Meet the Makers - A Conversation with Jeremy Allaire

Filename with Spaces Reveals Bug in CFFTP Action 'LISTDIR'

Here's an interesting issue... The CFFTP action LISTDIR incorrectly reports the results when

  1. a file with a space in the name exists in the FTP directory, and

  2. a sub directory exists having the first letter lower (say 'a') than the first letter of the file name (say 'f').

The problem occurs in CFMX 6.1 and CFMX 6.1 Updater 1 when connecting to a FTP server using DOS style directory listing. The problem does not occur when connecting to FTP using Unix style directory listing, and nor does it occur when the first letter of the directory (say 'z') is greater than the first letter of the filename.