Bug 55695 was introduced in the connector stub in Updater 1 for ColdFusion MX 6.1 server configuration, inducing uncontrolled memory growth in inetinfo.exe when using IIS and SSL enabled websites.

The bug is actually in the connector for JRun 4 Updater 3. CFMX 6.1 Updater 1 server configuration updates the underlying JRun 4 server to JRun 4 updater 3 and brings that connector version with it.

CFMX 6.1 Updater 1 does not change the JRun version if you're running the CFMX J2EE configuration with JRun, so Updater 1 does not introduce the problem there. In J2EE configuration you are responsible for managing the JRun server version as ColdFusion will not "take care of it" for you.

While the bug is fixed in JRun 4 Updater 4 (release notes), you cannot install JR4 Updater 4 to the underlying JRun server when using CFMX in server configuration. This means that you'll need a hotfix, currently only available by contacting Macromedia Support. The hotfix is just a replacement jrun.dll, so you would have to stop IIS, back up the old jrun.dll in $CFMX_HOME/runtime/lib/wsconfig/{1}/jrun.dll and then swap in the new one.