Restarting ColdFusion MX Programmatically (Revisited)

It was proposed on a CFTalk thread that one could CFEXECUTE a bat file on Windows to restart the ColdFusion MX Service by having the bat file first kill the jrun.exe processes then issue a NET START command to start the ColdFusion MX Service. The problem with this approach is that the bat file runs as a child process to the jrun.exe process. When the jrun process terminates, so does the bat file, leaving it unable to complete. Execution never gets beyond the kill jrun step.

A year and a half ago I proposed using the Windows AT scheduler service from CFML to schedule a restart of ColdFusion. The scheduler runs independently of the jrun.exe process and is not affected by a ColdFusion shutdown. Read more about it.

On Unix and Linux calling a shell script via CFEXECUTE to restart the ColdFusion server won't work because ColdFusion most often runs as a non-privileged user such as nobody. If you were to configure sudo access to start ColdFusion, then the non-privileged user would be able to perform the restart. This is of course a security risk, but no more so that that of Windows where ColdFusion usually runs as the privileged user System by default.

Wired Magazine on Motor Neurons From Embryonic Stem Cells

Wired Magazine has a brief overview of the importance of a new paper published in Nature Biotechnology. The significance of the article centers around how coaxing stem cells to grow into specific cell types is governed not only by their immediate chemical environment but also the transient nature of that environment. So its all about the timing of what chemical signals are presented to the stem cells.

Being able to focus stem cell growth towards a specific cell type enables scientists to generate new cells to replace damaged or deficient cells of the same type. In this case, the creation of motor neurons from stem cells is a big leap towards solving spinal cord injury.

A former acquaintance Ole Isacson, a Harvard Neuroscientist, comments on the research in the report.

A good review of the state of stem cell research can be found here: Stem Cells - Hype and Hope