With some effort, I migrated TalkingTree from BlogCFC 3.5.2 to 4.0 beta, complete with new look. Ok, so today Ray released the final 4.0 version, so I missed the boat on that one ;-). I've given up the Aura skin in favor of something lighter on the graphics and easier to maintain.

Migrating blog versions was slightly challenging since the BlogCFC 4.0 kit comes with a migration tool for verion 3.8, and there were some changes to the tables between 3.5 and 3.8 so I had to figure those out. Specifically, I had to alter tblBlogEntries to add a column for allowcomments, add the tblBlogTrackBacks, add the tblBlogSearchStats, add the tblBlogSubscribe table and then adjust it coz it was missing a blog column, plus a few other small tweaks.

I also integrated my webcam view and HTTP referers view into the blog using a stripped-out stats.cfm page as template.

Creating the new skin was the most time consuming part since I was having lots of trouble with MSIE and CSS. In every case Firefox worked like a champ while editing the stylesheet, but MSIE wouldn't display the style as I expected it to. There's still a couple issues when viewing with MSIE, but the two browser views are largely the same.

I also had to reintegrate Google Adsense with a smaller size since I couldn't force the 728x90 leaderboard into a smaller space, and I didn't like the way the 468x60 leaderboard displayed, so I used two 234x60's instead and put them in table to force a little horizontal balance.

The final work to be done on the new blog set up was integrating Site Meter stats and the Technorati claim code.

I like many of the new features of BlogCFC 4.0, including real support for podcasting via RSS 2.0 and enclosures, automated pings, better search stats, unsubscribe comment features, disallow comments, and printing support.

Good stuff.