Macromedia Devnet Article on CFEclipse by Rob Rohan

Today, the Macromedia Developers Center published what I believe is the first article by Rob Rohan on -- what else? -- CFEclipse. The article is a great resource for anyone not already familiar with the CFEclipse project since it covers Introduction, History, Features, and how to pitch in on this Open Source project backed by Macromedia. Many of you in the ColdFusion Community know that Rob is a founder of the project that began almost two years ago.

CFEclipse for ColdFusion Developers

BlogCFC Tip: Integrate new pages into blog layout.

If you're using BlogCFC, here's how you can create new website content that integrates very well with the Blog theme and layout.

For example, using stats.cfm as a model, you can first build a generic template used to horizontally build out the website content. It looks like this:

view plain print about
1[cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=true>
2[cfprocessingdirective pageencoding="utf-8">
3<br/><br/>[cfmodule template="tags/layout.cfm" title="SAMPLE">
4    [cfoutput>
8    [/cfoutput>
10[cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=false>

Say you want to create a Contact Me page, then use the generic template and build a contact form. Save the file as contact.cfm right next the blog's index.cfm, and create a navigation link to it on the main blog view, like mine under the banner image.

view plain print about
1[cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=true>
2[cfprocessingdirective pageencoding="utf-8">
3<br/><br/>[cfmodule template="tags/layout.cfm" title="Contact Me">
4    [cfoutput>
5    <div class="date">Contact / <a href="index.cfm">Main</a></div>
6    <div class="body">
7        <h1>Contact Me</h1>
8        [cfif not isdefined("form.message")>
10            <p style="font-size: 11px;">Please use the form below to contact me. All fields are
11            required, otherwise I will not be able to respond to you.</p><br/><br/>            [cfform name="contactform" action="/blog/contact.cfm" method="post" >
12            <table>
13                <tr><td>Name: </td><td>[cfinput name="name" id="name" type="text" required="Yes"></td></tr>
14                <tr><td>Email Address: </td><td>[cfinput name="email" id="email" required="Yes" type="text" validate="email" message="Please provide a valid email address"></td></tr>
15                <tr><td>Subject: </td><td>[cfinput name="subject" id="subject" type="text" required="Yes"></td></tr>
16                <tr><td>Message: </td><td>[cftextarea name="message" rows="5" cols="36" required="Yes"/></td></tr>
17                <tr><td colspan="2">[cfinput name="submit" id="submit" value="Send Message!" type="submit"></td></tr>
18            </table>    
19            [/cfform>
20        [cfelse>    
21            [cftry>
22            [cfmail from="" to="" replyto="#trim(" subject="Blog Contact Form: #form.subject#">
25Subject: #form.subject#
26Date: #dateformat(now(),"ddd, mmmm dd, yyyy")#
27Time: #timeformat(now(),"h:mm:sstt")#
28Message: <br/><br/>#form.message#
29            [/cfmail>
30            [cfcatch>[/cfcatch>
31            [/cftry>
32            <p style="font-size: 11px;">
33                Thanks! The message has been sent.
34            </p>
35        [/cfif>
36    </div>
38    [/cfoutput>
40[cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=false>

You can continue adding related content this way to broaden the website.

Configuring the Oracle 10g Database Driver for ColdFusion MX

Oracle has recently released Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE), a free edition of their database server. While Macromedia supports connections to Oracle 10g from ColdFusion MX 7.01 using the built-in JDBC drivers that ship with ColdFusion, this version of Oracle is not officially supported with earlier versions including ColdFusion MX 7 or ColdFusion MX 6.x.

If you would like to connect an earlier version of ColdFusion MX to Oracle 10g, or would like to try an alternate driver if you're already using CFMX 7.01, then here is how to configure the 10g JDBC driver provided by Oracle for use with ColdFusion. This driver is often refered to as the Oracle Thin Client. Sometimes driver behavior varies between two vendors, so its often very helpful to try alternate driver versions.


Developer's API Enhancement Request for Stop & Shop Grocery Store

To the Stop&Shop Website Architect or Website Project Manager:

I would like to access my shopping history. I know that Stop&Shop maintains my history via my Stop&Shop card number in order to tabulate accumulated savings, etc...; however, I would like to be able to review my purchase history to look for trends regarding the products I buy, such as dollars spent per unit time, dollars spent per product category, frequently purchased products, favorite products, and so on.

While it would be fantastic if Stop&Shop provided a web portal where I could analyze my shopping history, I realize that is a very tall order. A short term solution that would benefit many technologically adapted customers would be availablility of shopping history in an XML format, requiring authentication/login to maintain privacy. A nice idea would be to be able to login to the website and have a simple rss feed referencing each monetary transaction (total purchase) where the contents of a transaction item would contain transaction details including individual products and quantities as well as price, vendor/SKU, and total cost, method of payment, etc... Not only would this help costomers analyze shopping history, but they would be able to build wish lists or favorite product lists for future shopping excursions.

Stop&Shop could also publish a Developer's API describing how to access the data in different formats so that web application developers could build their own portals to help Stop&Shop customers better understand their shopping habits and plan for their next shopping requirements.

[VAdministration] or [Java bean field] errors occur when using CFMX 7 on JVM 1.5

ColdFusion MX 7 and 7.01 ship with JVM version as the default JVM. If you are installing the WAR or EAR option of ColdFusion on an existing version of of JRun, then you may not be using this 'default' JVM since JRun permits you to choose a pre-installed JVM when initally instaling JRun4.

If you are using Sun JVM 1.5 in either Server Configuration, Multiserver Config, or J2EE Config then you may encounter a variety of errors that occur regarding the Verity K2 Search Server. Verity K2 ships with ColdFusion MX 7/7.01 and the encyrption libraries don't work with JVM 1.5, and that JVM version is not supported for use with ColdFusion MX 7/7.01.