Yet Another Tag Pod for BlogCFC

Inspired by Joe Rinehart and Pete Freitag, here's another version of a Tag Cloud Pod for BlogCFC, available as an attachment by clicking the Download link.

I found the use of a scaleFactor variable very helpful in trying obtain an even distribution of tag sizes for a widely varying tag count. See the pod's inline comments about scaleFactor. You can also adjust which tags qualify for the tag cloud by the WHERE clause of the query. In the example below, I only select categories having more 10 or more posts.

See the BlogCFC Pod Forum for how to install a pod.


ColdFusion MX Resource List for Database Driven Web Apps

Recently I had a need to compile a broad, and up to date list of ColdFusion MX resources to help get started building database driven web applications, so I'll share that here. I'm not including recent resources such as ARF! and ColdFusion on Wheels because while I think they are fantastic projects they reside on the advanced end of the developer's spectrum.

Resources on

Building Your First ColdFusion MX Database-Driven Web Application (Demo)
  • Part 1 Create a new ColdFusion site in Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • Part 2 Use the new ColdFusion MX 7 extensions for Dreamweaver to create a new ColdFusion data source.
  • Part 3 Retrieve records from a database and display them in an HTML table.
  • Part 4 Create a basic master/detail page with dynamic data.
  • Part 5 Create a ColdFusion component to make data reusable and more flexible.
  • Part 6 Add a new function to the CFC for parameter-driven queries.

Other Resources