Controlling the ports used by the webserver configuration utility

The wsconfig utility that installs the webserver connector for ColdFusion MX tries to establish TCP connections to the JRun server on two ports for the installation process, the JNDI port and the RMI port. Here's how to control both.

First it will scan the port range 2900 - 3000 to find out whats listening, then it will begin to connect to each active port discovered in that range starting at 2900. The target port is referred to as the JNDI port that the JRun server listens on. A server's JNDI port is defined in such as with the following setting

Second, upon successful communication with the JRun server on the JNDI port, the JRun server will instruct wsconfig to complete the second half of the communication on the RMI port. By default, this is a high *random* port. So this is where most Linux folks running a firewall go wrong. They allow for the JNDI port but don't know about the high random port for RMI.

This two part process is described in more detail in my blog post Tracing wsconfig with Ethereal Network Analyzer.


Jeremy Allaire's new company Brightcove lands major deal with AOL

All over the local business news, Cambridge Massachusetts company Brightcove, whose founder Jeremy Allaire is best known as the inventor of the ColdFusion application server, landed a $16M investment from AOL and Hearst Corporation. Brightcove plans to begin streaming television programs and video over the Internet next year.