Renderings of Concord Center and the Hartwell House

Photo gallery from an early morning in Concord including Concord Center, the Unitarian Church, The Colonial Inn, and the Hartwell House in nearby Lexington. These are renderings of Concord taken with a Canon EOS D20 and enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS 2 to give them a hand drawn ink and watercolor feeling.

I'm still learning about printing techniques, but I've already learned how to upscale photos so that I can make larger prints without significantly reducing image quality. Just for fun, I ordered the first rendering of Concord Center in a 20" x 30" size from Shutterfly. The upscaling and posterizing enhancments caused the filesize to increase from about 11MB to 61MB, and Flickr won't accept files that large, so I had to use Shutterfly. Photos of that size are done in matte paper only, although it looked more like semi-gloss to me. Aside from the glossyish paper, the photo came out great at that size. I'd like to do a custom print on watercolor paper on a professional printer and then matte and frame it for my home.

These photos were taken during a 1 day workshop of personal instruction from Bill Claybrook of New River Photography. It was just Bill and I, so the workshop was definitely worth it just for the personal attention alone. Bill and I made our paces through Concord Center on a Saturday morning, and then at the Hartwell House on Battle Road on the way to Lexington. Then we spent a few hours at Bill's house where he showed me his techniques for printing, and then we went back on the road for more photography at the Shaker Village in Harvard, MA. Oddly, Bill's primary occupation is a Linux industry analyst and currently works for Novell, maker of Suse Linux. His articles can be found on the web including at Linux World Magazine on

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Renderings of the Wayside Inn, Grist Mill, and Mary-Martha Chapel

This photo gallery taken on a recent fall morning when I spent a couple hours in Sudbury at the Wayside Inn. First popularized by Longfellow's book after the Civil War, and then further developed by Henry Ford in the early 20th century.

Wayside Inn
Formerly known as Howe's Tavern starting in 1716, the Taven was renamed after Henry Longfellow published a book of poems in 1863 about the Tavern. Longellows book is called "Tales of a wayside inn".

Grist Mill
Henry Ford's Grist Mill, near the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.

Martha-Mary Chapel
In 1923, Cora Lemon sold the Inn to automobile manufacturer Henry Ford, and Ford built the Martha-Mary Chapel on the site in 1940, just across the street from the Wayside Inn.

Morning Frost, Trains, and Tractors

My wife and I spent the weekend with my family in northeast Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful autumn weekend and the drive along 84 through Connecticut and New York was incredibly scenic while the trees were all changing colors. One morning I woke up at sunrise to photograph the Nicholson bridge, also known as the Tunkhannock Viaduct. I stumbled onto cornfield on the side of the road where I found rows of post-harvest corn stalks intermingled with fallen leaves, all of which were covered in a thick frost since it was so close to tributaries of the Susquehanna river and the fog the must have rolled in heavy that night. Later that day, we visited my cousin Diane and her husband Frank but I got caught up with a fossil of a farm tractor sitting in the backyard.

The highlights of my weekend are here in photos on Flickr, so check them out. I particularly like posterizing the photos in Adobe Photoshop because I can achieve an ink and watercolor look.