Coulton on Creative Commons

Folksinger Jonathan Coulton extolls the altruistic virtues of Creative Commons licensing and propagates the art of giving one step further by composing a song inspired by and set to a series of random Flickr photos that are themselves licensed for non-commercial sharing. This creative music video is available in quicktime format, and begins with a recent photo of mine taken of Concord Center after a heavy snow.

Thing a Week 14 - Flickr
By Jonathan Coulton
See his blog link for the 17 MB .mov file

Best ColdFusion Blogs 2005

Author of O'Reilly's Programming ColdFusion MX, Rob Brooks-Bilson has collected what he believes to be the best ColdFusion blog entries throughout the blogosphere for 2005. I'm very pleased to see that even one of mine has made the cut. Now that I have a couple weeks off for the holidays, Rob just made my reading list for me.

Rob's list of The Top ColdFusion Blog Posts

Christmas card made from photo of Concord's Colonial Inn

Christmas Card Concord 2005
Do it yourself greeting card, made with Adobe Photoshop CS 2 from this original image. Printed on 10 mil Epson Archival Matte Paper with HP Photosmart 7960 inkjet printer at 300ppi resolution in 5x6 inch size. It looks even better in print than here onscreen.

Llanos del Hospital, Restaurante Ansils, Restaurante la Fuenroya

Pyrenees of Spain

Photos from the valley of Benasque in the Pyrenees of Aragon, Spain. Summer 2005. Photos were taken with Kodak DX4530 point and shoot 5MP digicam.


CNET Interview with Caterina Fake of Flickr

C|NET has published an interview with Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake as a series of video clips.

Caterina discusses:

How Flickr was launched in February 2004 with the original intent to be a game where users share common objects by dragging and dropping photos into an IM client. Later in 2004 they added annotation features such as tagging, notes, and groups. Flickr wanted to differentiate itself from photo finishing websites like OFoto or Shutterfly by focussing on sharing photos primarily as a social medium.

How Flickr is interested in building an infrastructure to allow members to monetize their photos, although a mechanism to sell photos has not yet been implemented.

How the online community dynamically contribute the metadata through annotation. When Flickr was acquired by Yahoo! membership was just under 300,000 and has since soared to over 2 million users at this time.

How Web 2.0 features are community oriented, allowing better social networking, personalization, and customization.

How Yahoo! (owner of Flickr) is differentiated from Google by way of Yahoo!'s vision for the online community whereas Google is all about using "brute force computation to solve critical problems". As a social medium, content rises in relevance or importance according the social interaction around the content. Caterina highlights Web 2.0 features provided in My Web 2.0 where search engine rankings consider your personal or cultural context as factors in contrast to Google rankings which treat you as part of the flat world without adding a fine degree of individualism.

How video content has been a heated topic on Flickr for some time, but Caterina witholds comment.

More about Caterina can be found on her blog.

BlogCFC: Spider Skews Search Stats

Just wanted to point out a curious observation from my blog's search stats...

By default, the stats.cfm page shows the 10 most searched terms for a blog. I modified mine to show 20 by default and all results greater than 2 hits if logged in as admin.

In addition, I added a most recent searches section just below that where I write out all searches for that day, or all searches for the past two days if logged in as admin.

I noticed an interesting trend when I started watching search stats by time. I would see search terms show in the list and I'd check my logs and they look like 'real people' making real searches, but then sometimes I'd notice that a sequence of recent searches showed up as a repeated sequence but in reverse.


Concord Community Swim and Health Center To Open Soon

The Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center is nearing completion. The state of the art facility continues to accept charter memberships until the middle of February '06.

UPDATE: The opening date has been pushed out to April 18, 2006
Read about the Grand Opening of the Beede Center.

The facility will have the following features:


Getting started with Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2

Check it out on Flickr

This weekend I've been learning how to better use Photoshop by watching the 22 hour training video on DVD, Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2, hosted by Deke McClelland. I've been a Photoshop user for about 7 years now since version 4 (where CS2 is like version 9 I think).

So far, my only training with Photoshop in the past has been through hands-on experimentation and countless hours upon hours of image correction and manipulation for the many photos I have on the web. I've been carrying around the Total Training set of DVDs for a while, waiting for the time and impetus to sit down and start the training. I've decided that with the Adobe merger with Macromedia, now is the perfect time to begin improving my existing skills and learning the many, many new features introduced with CS and CS2.


Snowfall at Concord Center

View this photo gallery. Yesterday's snowstorm on December 9th lasted over twelve hours, blanketing Concord, MA in 15-18 inches of light, powdery snow. This morning I was up before sunrise to photograph the town before the traffic and christmas shoppers would swarm to the center.

Below, I've also made some renderings from these images in Adobe Photoshop, so check them out too. They are available for printing up to 20" x 30", so contact me if you're interested.


Recommended Reading... Mark Kruger's Christmas Tidings

A literary masterpiece destined to be told from generation to generation among web developers everywhere...

Twas the Night Before Merger
"Twas the night before the Merger, when all through the Net, Not a Web site was stirring, not even devnet..."

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