BlogCFC: Spider Skews Search Stats

Just wanted to point out a curious observation from my blog's search stats...

By default, the stats.cfm page shows the 10 most searched terms for a blog. I modified mine to show 20 by default and all results greater than 2 hits if logged in as admin.

In addition, I added a most recent searches section just below that where I write out all searches for that day, or all searches for the past two days if logged in as admin.

I noticed an interesting trend when I started watching search stats by time. I would see search terms show in the list and I'd check my logs and they look like 'real people' making real searches, but then sometimes I'd notice that a sequence of recent searches showed up as a repeated sequence but in reverse.


Concord Community Swim and Health Center To Open Soon

The Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center is nearing completion. The state of the art facility continues to accept charter memberships until the middle of February '06.

UPDATE: The opening date has been pushed out to April 18, 2006
Read about the Grand Opening of the Beede Center.

The facility will have the following features: