ColdFusionLauncher.appI recently realized that the new CFMX 7.01 Mac OS X ColdFusionLauncher utility isn't documented, so while it may bore some of you, here's a brief description:

ColdFusion MX 7.01 introduced the first graphical (GUI) installation of the Server Configuration for the Macintosh OS X platform. Under this configuration ColdFusion now provides a graphical utility called This utility can be found for example at the top level in the ColdFusion root directory such as /opt/ColdFusionMX7/

When double-clicked, this utility will launch a console having three buttons:

  • Start ColdFusion MX 7
  • Stop ColdFusion MX 7
  • Webserver Connector Utility

When the ColdFusion server is started or stopped from this utility status information is output to the console. The webserver connector utility can be started from the ColdFusionLauncher, but will prompt for the Current User Password before running.

While this utility is analogous to the JRun Launcher found with the Multiserver Configuration, the ColdFusionLauncher does not report details about the ColdFusion server such as Web Port or Directory.

Here's a walk through of installing ColdFusion MX 7.01 Server Configuration on Mac OS X.