For those who have been wondering about ColdFusion at Adobe, Ben Forta just posted about a CFDJ interview between the editor Simon Horwith and Adobe's Dave Mendels, formerly the VP of the Macromedia server business unit, now the SVP of Adobe's new Enterprise & Developer Solutions business unit that encompasses ColdFusion MX, JRun, Flex, and now the LiveCycle J2EE applications.

Where's ColdFusion Headed Under Adobe?
Simon Horwith Speaks With David Mendels, SVP of Adobe's New Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit

The full article is worth your time, but in brief here are a few of the talking points:

  • Adobe and Macromedia products are primarily complementary, not overlapping, especially the server products
  • Adobe is completely behind the future of ColdFusion, and plans for ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio), are still going strong
  • The ColdFusion engineering team is examining how to integrate Adobe's J2EE LiveCycle products with ColdFusion
  • ColdFusion is still engineered and guided by people who have been already been doing for Allaire & Macromedia
  • Adobe expects to continue listening and working with to the ColdFusion enterprise and developer communities