Red Hat announced today that RH Enterprise Linux 4.0 has been released. Fedora Linux users will be most familiar with RHEL 4 features since the Fedora Project is simply a public beta of RHEL under the guise of community-based project or distribution. I'll defer a review of RHEL 4 to a nice overview found in this month's online edition of Red Hat Magazine, Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

Notable in this release is the inclusion of Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux in RH4). This Mandatory Access Control feature is configured in RHEL4 to have a targeted policy enabled. In short this means that most core applications on the system are configured in the SELinux security policy, and violations of the policy will result in security errors.

For ColdFusion users this news shouldn't be terribly relevant since there are no versions of ColdFusion officially supported to run on RHEL4 (or Fedora, or Mandrake, or Debian, or Ubuntu for that matter), but knowing how CF fanatics have an affinity for testing ColdFusion on every Linux distribution imaginable and then unleashing havoc, I'm sure someone is testing the bits as I write. Nevertheless, let's get the perfunctory warning over with anyway:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 is not supported by ColdFusion at this time.

However, if you venture out into this unsupported territory you might want to read last week's blog entry about those pesky "Permission Denied" errors when using Fedora Core 3 Linux with ColdFusion while SELinux is enabled. Frankly, while I use supported versions of Linux for testing real ColdFusion problems on behalf of others, I use Fedora Linux on my laptop to run ColdFusion for myself. Other than the SELinux issue mentioned earlier, I haven't found any problems with my limited use of CF on that OS.