Don't toss your cookies, trace them instead!

The Ethereal Network Analyzer, or packet sniffer, is a marvelous tool for working with the web. A particular example of its usefulness is to watch the HTTP Requests and Responses go back and forth to observe cookies being set (or not) from the server and cookies being sent back with subsequent requests from the client (or not). If you're fighting with your code and with browser settings while trying to figure out if cookies are being set or not, then just follow the packets and you'll know with certainty exactly what's going on.

Assuming the application hosted on the server is intending to set cookies, then you should see an initial absense of cookies in the HTTP Request from the client followed by one or more Set-Cookie headers in the server's HTTP Response.

Note that Ethereal captures data between two endpoints, a client and a server for example. It can't be used to capture communications made to localhost/


OT: Freaky Friday Flash Video, The Numa Numa Dance

Way, way off track for a technology blog, check out this awesome video of some teenager lip syncing to Romanian techno. Better than coffee, this'll get you pumped to crank out all those klocs today!

Watch the movie at Newgrounds which aired on the NBC Today show yesterday, or this alternate cut which I prefer for shock value.