I'm a big fan of local user groups in the Boston area, and I find I'm almost perpetually disappointed with the difficulty Macromedia has in finding stable managment of Boston ColdFusion User Group. For years it was managed by Steve Casco, and meetings were sparse and typically focused on some technical product rather than addressing broad concerns within the ColdFusion arena. Then it disappeared entirely for a couple years with no word on what happened or when it would resume.

Later, in 2003 PaperThin stepped up to the plate to reinvigorate the meetings, and PaperThin's Ron West did a great job at recruiting excellent speakers that addressed general concerns of CF developers.

But the BCFUG website has been frozen in time since October, and I've been checking the site frequently to see if a new meeting has been planned. In fact, since my internal presentation went so well, I've been hoping to build on the momentum by trying a speaking gig at the BCFUG.

I just inquired about the state of BCFUG and I've learned that PaperThin no longer manages the group and Macromedia is currently recruiting for local leadership. I expect it will be some time before our local BCFUG fires up again, but at least it gives me some time to think about preparing some talks.

- Bored in Boston.