Concord Bookshop: A reading from local author Alan Lightman

A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit

Ten years have passed since I first met Alan Lightman when I heard him read from his second novel Good Benito at the Concord Public Library in 1995. I particularly enjoyed how Alan used highpitched, nasal tone when he read the part of Arnold Scalapino, a cantankerous old physicist that fell into recluse while living in Fells Point, in east Baltimore. I recall a shiver ran up my spine when Alan delineated familiar places in Fells Point like Aliceanna Street, The Horse You Came In On or the Cat's Eye Pub, as these places I knew very well since I had grown up in east Baltimore.

Once again, I had the pleasure of hearing him read, this time from his current book, A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit. A crowd had drawn this afternoon in the Concord Bookshop to listen to Alan read the first in a in this collection of essays.


BlogCFC -- CSS for RSS

Following up on Pete Freitag's blog post on adding CSS to your RSS feed, here's a quick tip on how to do this with BlogCFC. Very simply, just create a css stylesheet and then add a style directive to the generateRSS method in blog.cfc just below the XML declaration. As Pete points out, the RSS feed looks much more friendly while maintaing its XML practicality.

"1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
"text/css" href="includes/rss_simple_style.css" ?>