In lieu of an active Boston CFUG, I've taken the bull by the horns by organizing the Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group. This group can augment the Boston CFUG proper, but isn't intended to replace it.

Initially, the meetings will conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live and a conference call line. Optionally, if a venue is found we could consider a physical location for hands-on sessions at a later time.

The first meeting will be scheduled for Monday, February 7th at 6pm Eastern time. The event Breeze URL and number are posted on the Meetup site.

To participate, all you need to do is have a speedy internet connection and perhaps a phone line. Audio is transmitted over Breeze to your computer, but a conference call line allows everyone to join in the conversation. With Breeze, if you'd like to show something on your PC desktop then we can make you a presenter and you will be able to share with the group. If you have a webcam you can let others view your camera and hear you talk.

If you've never used Macromedia Breeze, get a quick overview:

I propose the first meeting to be "Open House with Macromedia ColdFusion Technical Support". Several colleagues have graciously agreed to participate in the virtual meeting, so we can just open the floor to questions and have free form dialogue. So far, we have four Senior ColdFusion Support Engineers, including:

  • David O'Leary
  • Elishia Olsen
  • David Stanten
  • Steven Erat

As a virtual meeting anyone is free to participate as a guest, however if you are in the Boston area I encourage you to register as a member of the Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group. As a member you will have access to their message boards, receive notifications of new meetings, and be an active participant to help grow the ColdFusion Developer Community in the Boston metropolitan area.

This is not a venue for free support, but think of some interesting questions and we'll talk about it.