ColdFusion MX 7 Released! Discuss it at BCMG on Monday!

The first online meeting of the rejuvinated Boston ColdFusion Meetup Group happens tomorrow (news, details), coinciding with the release of Blackstone, or ColdFusion MX 7. Round up your ideas and questions and stop by for the discussion.

Whoops, Goodbye Grub!

I managed to lock myself out of my Dell Inpiron 8600 again. Here's the story of how I fixed it.

My Dell laptop is dual booted with Windows XP and Fedora Core 3 (FC3) Linux. The partions on the main disk were:

/dev/hda1 = some partition for Windows
/dev/hda2 = the main NTFS partition for Windows
/dev/hda3 = another(?) partition for Windows
/dev/hda4 = extended partition to hold the remaining 'virtual' partitions
/dev/hda5 = the root (/) partition
/dev/hda6 = /home partition
/dev/hda7 = /usr/local partition
/dev/hda8 = /opt
/dev/hda9 = Linux swap

I decided I'd like to have an extra vfat (FAT32) Windows partition in the middle somewhere that could be mounted from Linux and available as another drive on Windows. This would be a nice way to share data easily between the two halves without having to mount an external drive or mount the NTFS partition as read-write.