Tracing wsconfig with Ethereal Network Analyzer

Tracing the wsconfig utility's TCP communications to a JRun server reveals communication over ports other than the JNDI port. In fact, after wsconfig establishes a connection over the JNDI port, the JRun server instructs wsconfig that JRun will now listen on a random port and that wsconfig is to complete the communications over that new port through a new TCP connection.

The wsconfig utility is used by ColdFusion and JRun servers to configure external webservers to the appropriate application server. One type of configuration is referred to as Distributed Mode where the webserver is on one machine and it will use the JRun connector to communicate with the ColdFusion or JRun server on another machine. In this situation there may be a firewall between the two machines, for example, which could potentially block the required TCP communication between wsconfig and JRun when initially installing the connector for the webserver.


Exception occured trying to get an MBean

When attempting to configure an external webserver for ColdFusion MX or JRun with the wsconfig utility, if the Java executable used to run wsconfig is version 1.5 or greater then this error will occur.

Trying to force java 1.5 to be compatible with 1.4 getters with the -Djmx.invoke.getters=true switch did not work.