ColdFusion MX 7 Standard Edition - Feature Set

Dave Gruber, ColdFusion Product Manager for Macromedia, posted a feature summary for CFMX 7 Standard Edition in response to some early confusion on the CFTalk list this morning.

Check out the CFTalk post here to see the feature list.

SYS-CON TV Interview with Dave Gruber, ColdFusion Product Manager

Summary: "The new version of ColdFusion extends the Internet to mobile devices and delivers groundbreaking rich forms support, reporting, and printing solutions," says Gruber, ColdFusion product manager at Macromedia on his SYS-CON.TV interview today with MX Developer's Journal chief-editor Charles Brown.

Catch the video here:

The video cutaways don't have much to do with the interview, as they pan to the Macromedia website or leaf through CFDJ, but the interview is a good intro to the new features of ColdFusion MX 7.

License Changes in ColdFusion MX 7

A couple notes about ColdFusion MX 7 licensing for the Free Developer's Edition and the Standard Edition.

The Free Developer's Edition of ColdFusion MX 7 now permits you to access the server from localhost plus 2 other client addresses. This is a change from earlier versions of ColdFusion Developer Edition which restricted the server to handling requests for localhost plus just 1 other client.

As previously blogged, ColdFusion MX 6.x EULA permitted users to install the Standard Edition on up to 8 cpus, although it would be difficult to know that unless you either read the EULA or my blog entry. ColdFusion MX 7 has a new EULA permitting the installation of the Standard Edition on up to 2 CPUs only, with a maximum of 1 machine per 1 license. If you took advantage of this licensing loophole in CFMX 6.x, then it may cost a bit more to upgrade those to CFMX 7.

ColdFusion MX 7 Released! Discuss it at BCMG on Monday!

The first online meeting of the rejuvinated Boston ColdFusion Meetup Group happens tomorrow (news, details), coinciding with the release of Blackstone, or ColdFusion MX 7. Round up your ideas and questions and stop by for the discussion.

Whoops, Goodbye Grub!

I managed to lock myself out of my Dell Inpiron 8600 again. Here's the story of how I fixed it.

My Dell laptop is dual booted with Windows XP and Fedora Core 3 (FC3) Linux. The partions on the main disk were:

/dev/hda1 = some partition for Windows
/dev/hda2 = the main NTFS partition for Windows
/dev/hda3 = another(?) partition for Windows
/dev/hda4 = extended partition to hold the remaining 'virtual' partitions
/dev/hda5 = the root (/) partition
/dev/hda6 = /home partition
/dev/hda7 = /usr/local partition
/dev/hda8 = /opt
/dev/hda9 = Linux swap

I decided I'd like to have an extra vfat (FAT32) Windows partition in the middle somewhere that could be mounted from Linux and available as another drive on Windows. This would be a nice way to share data easily between the two halves without having to mount an external drive or mount the NTFS partition as read-write.


Cue evil laugh here ...

With a whopping overnight growth spurt, registered members of the (virtual) Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group has jumped to 14 people from Sacramento to Lincoln, MA. This makes us the largest ColdFusion Meetup Group in the universe.... Muwahahaha!

Since most of the meetings will be conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live, CF people from all over are welcome to attend online.

The first meeting is this coming Monday, Feb 7th, at 6pm ET. For more information see the following:

Introductory Blog Entry

Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group

For more evil laughs, check out these quotes ;-) Holy atomic pile, Batman!

CFUnited 2005

Just confirmed registration for this years mega ColdFusion User Group meeting, CFUNITED, formerly named CFUN.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend a long list of sessions. I think Macromedia might pull together a CF Tech Support booth with a couple folks, and if that comes through then I expect to be manning that in between sessions.

See the CFUnited website for more, or grab a brewski and catch Simon on the big screen!

CFUnited, The premier ColdFusion User Conference

I've been attending this meeting for many years now since it was a CF Odyssey at NIH, and wow has it ever grown! Given that Macromedia MAX is is a cross-product conference, this just may be the biggest CF-only conference anywhere.

Check out the game questions I wrote for previous CFUNs:

For anyone interested, you are welcome to join the new Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. This group meets virtually once a month, and the next speaker for April is expected to be Mike Brunt of Webapper, presenting on his ColdFusion monitoring tool SeeFusion ...

Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group, ... Virtually

In lieu of an active Boston CFUG, I've taken the bull by the horns by organizing the Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group. This group can augment the Boston CFUG proper, but isn't intended to replace it.

Initially, the meetings will conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live and a conference call line. Optionally, if a venue is found we could consider a physical location for hands-on sessions at a later time.


Inactive Boston CFUG

I'm a big fan of local user groups in the Boston area, and I find I'm almost perpetually disappointed with the difficulty Macromedia has in finding stable managment of Boston ColdFusion User Group. For years it was managed by Steve Casco, and meetings were sparse and typically focused on some technical product rather than addressing broad concerns within the ColdFusion arena. Then it disappeared entirely for a couple years with no word on what happened or when it would resume.

Later, in 2003 PaperThin stepped up to the plate to reinvigorate the meetings, and PaperThin's Ron West did a great job at recruiting excellent speakers that addressed general concerns of CF developers.

But the BCFUG website has been frozen in time since October, and I've been checking the site frequently to see if a new meeting has been planned. In fact, since my internal presentation went so well, I've been hoping to build on the momentum by trying a speaking gig at the BCFUG.

I just inquired about the state of BCFUG and I've learned that PaperThin no longer manages the group and Macromedia is currently recruiting for local leadership. I expect it will be some time before our local BCFUG fires up again, but at least it gives me some time to think about preparing some talks.

- Bored in Boston.

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