Today's newsletter highlights an article published this month last year regarding tips and tricks on improving ColdFusion performance. Nothing very earth shattering here, but mostly the standard recommendations repackaged. You'll find many entries on this blog for the same topics.

  • Apply Updates and Hotfixes
  • Setting Simultaneous Requests
  • Load testing is best
  • Increase Cached Templates
  • Trusted Cache
  • Save Class Files
  • Turn off Debugging in production
  • Improving SQL statements
  • Using Prepared Statements via CFQUERYPARAM
  • CachedWithin
  • CF_Accelerate

The article recommends that you consider Sun JVM 1.5.0, however Macromedia has not stated support for this version with either CFMX 6.x or 7. The article doesn't address CFMX 7 at all.

Looks like a good generic review.