This blog entry serves as a central link to upcoming and archived events for the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group, including those events which are in cooperation with other ColdFusion User Groups. This blog entry will be updated regularly with meeting information, as will the official group website. Here is the alias with shorter URL for this blog.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Thursdays at 12:30 PM EDT to 1:00 PM
    ColdFusion Live! A series of short preview talks from the speakers of the CFUNITED conference.
    Check the Meetup site for the currently scheduled event in this series: ColdFusion Meetup Events

  • Thursday, May 12 6:00 PM ET
    To be determined... Check back soon

Recently Archived Meetings

Group Description
The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group will host virtual meetings to discuss ColdFusion topics. ColdFusion users from anywhere are free to join and participate since the online community has no bounds. Online meetings are very convenient allowing members to attend while in the office or at home. Feel free to suggest topics and potential speakers.

Registered members receive notifications of upcoming meetings and special events, and participate in polls and the message board. Hey, at the least its another place to post your mugshot!

How to particpate in an online Breeze Meeting
Joining an online meeting event with Macromedia Breeze Meeting is really quite easy. As a participant all you have to do is open a browser and enter the Breeze Meeting URL. You'll be presented with a login page, so click the button for entering as a guest, then type your name or a nick name.

Once logged in, the meeting will run live. If you've ever used WebEx, its generally like that, but much better :). The presenter's audio should broadcast right to your computer's speakers, so all you have to do is sit back, watch, and listen. That's it.

The easiest way to ask questions during or after the meeting is to use the chat window of the meeting screen. At the first meeting I was the presenter and the moderator, so I can tell you its not so easy to deliver the slides while paying attention to the chat window at the same time. This is done best when the moderator manages the chat window instead of the presenter.

Help for Presenters
Breeze Meeting Quick Start Guide

Several important considerations include:

  • The first time presenting in Breeze will trigger the installation of a Breeze Presenter Plugin, which is a special version of the Flash player, and it won't interfere with regular Flash player in your browser.
  • Uploading PowerPoint slides or other content
    [Share > Documents > Select from My Computer]
  • Sharing the desktop
    [Share > My Computer Screen]
  • Some type of microphone is required, webcam optional.
  • About 20-60 attendees are present usually.
  • Attendees chat with each other and ask questions to the presenters in the chat window.
  • When sharing the desktop, the Breeze interface is minimized, so the chat window isn't viewable. It may be helpful to have a second Breeze meeting running on another computer nearby where you can see the presentation the way the attendees do, and monitor the chat window there.
  • The event will be recorded and the URL of the archive will be published and viewable by anyone.
  • I usually moderate the event, chat with attendees
  • I log in early to promote you to a 'Presenter' and to help set up, so you can log on between 1/2 hour before the event to upload content and test your microphone, etc...