Every spring Boston Magazine produces a ranking of towns throughout Massachusetts, and an article to provide details and context. This year Concord, MA ranks as the best choice for "Fitness Nuts", those that like to participate in sports and outdoor activities.

No surprise to me. We have the conservation land and its many trails around Walden Pond, then there's Great Meadows National Wildlife refuge, Punkatasset Hill area, and lots of canoe activity on the Concord, Assabet, and Subury rivers. Not to mention there's six health clubs including Gold's Gym and the Thoreau Club, and not one fast food restaurant to be found. Over the next few years, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail will open and pass through 3 miles of Concord as part of a much greater rail trail system. Check out the aerial views, too!

While the full article is not available on the web, the raw form of the multivariate data for 2004 is available in this spreadsheet, and with a brief intro here.

Last year Boston Magazine ranked towns for the "Most Bang for the Buck", placing Concord as #91.

The year before, Concord ranked as #19 for the overall "Best [healthiest] Places to Live" in the state.

Looking at house prices in Concord, here's a quick table:

Year Ending Median Price % Change from year before Avg Household Income
2001 $580,000
2002 $627,000 8.1
2003 $660,000 5.2
2004 $710,000 7.6 $96,000

Other quick stats from this overall period include:
  • open space: 36%
  • violent crimes/yr: 12
  • traffic deaths/yr: 1
  • avg SAT Verbal/Math: 575/599
  • per pupil spending: $10,800
  • % college bound: 93%
  • classrooms w/ internet: 100%
  • students/computer: 4
  • students/teacher: 13
  • avg teacher salary: $60,230
  • people/mile^2: 684
  • median age: 42

Concord is a runner up for "The Culture Vulture", given the richness of community arts and local literary history. The next town over, Lincoln, ranks as the best place for "The Granola-eating Liberal".