Second in this series of podcasts is a reading of the Macromedia Devnet article on managing clusters by Geoffrey Greene and Erik Tierney.

Managing Clusters with Enterprise Manager and Packaging Applications in ColdFusion MX 7
Package and deploy EAR and WAR files, and manage instances and clusters with the Enterprise Manager.

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This sound quality of this podcast is an improvement over my first now that I'm using a professional microphone, although it was a challenge to complete the reading since I'm just recovering from a cold where I lost my voice last week. After having read Jake Ludington's article titled, Create Podcasts Using Your PC, I decided that the toy microphone that had sitting around wasn't going to cut it and I would need something better. I used his article on creating a podcasting kit as a guideline.

I purchased a microphone and a pre-amp at a Guitar Center in Natick for a much better price than anywhere online. I couldn't find a cheap mini compressor anywhere so I decided to opt out of that. The service at Guitar Center was great a gentleman named Alain explained everything I would need to know from how to use a pre-amp to which buttons to push and where to plug in the various wires.