A friend sent this to me. Unsupported by Macromedia for sure, but worth a look.

For compulsive connection-pool tinkerers. I got this to work with CF, but it is rather messy and fraught with peril.

The DBCP Component, from Apache Jakarta Project
description: Commons-DBCP provides database connection pooling services.

Briefly - dbcp can be set up as a JDBC driver, and then configured to use a real JDBC driver of your choice. It works with the drivers in macromedia_drivers.jar, as long as you're calling dbcp from an appropriate edition of CF.

  • You set up an "other" datasource to jdbc:apache:commons:dbcp:/{name}.
  • It is important to UnCheck the "Maintain Connections" box.
  • You edit the file {name}.jocl to have all your exotic connection-pool settings and the correct URL for your database.
  • Put two jar files and the directory containing {name}.jocl in your classpath, tinker with some fussy XML for a few hours, and viola - yet another database connection pool.
  • Commons DBCP Downloads
  • See the notes at the bottom of sample.jocl for all the details.