Fifth in this series of podcasts is a reading of the Macromedia Devnet article on Introducing the "Making Blackstone" Series by Damon Cooper and Tim Buntel.

This article was published in late 2004 before th release of ColdFusion MX 7 while the product was still codenamed Blackstone during the Beta cycle. It introduces the series of subsequent articles to be written by ColdFusion Engineers who developed various feature sets of the new release. Check the first three podcasts in this series for some of those articles already including CFForm by Mike Nimer, Clustering and Sourceless Deploy by Geoff Green and Erik Tierney, and New Verity Features by Tom Jordahl.

Logged In: Introducing the "Making Blackstone" Series
Check out articles from the ColdFusion engineering team and get an under-the-hood look at Blackstone.

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