Tom Jordahl of Macromedia ColdFusion Development sets the record straight on Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7's deployment options for WebSphere clusters.

With the ColdFusion MX 7 ear/war deployment, you can precompile and preconfigure your application and deploy them across the whole enterprise. And since they are packages like the J2EE admins expect, they don't have to know beans about CF.

The only item in the WebSphere cluster we don't do is the "vertical" clustering, where multiple instances of CF share the same *filesystem*. Because we write configuration stuff to the disk (and other things like mail) the instances stomp on each other.

But on the whole, ColdFusion MX works very nicely on WebSphere. It goes *real* fast and scales well too. One of the reasons for moving CF to Java was to give people like yourself ("We only do WebSphere here") a fully supported path to move their CF apps on to the corporate mandated infrastructure.

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Here's the official verbiage for CFMX 7 support on Websphere.

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