Today I'd like to launch a new ColdFusion podcast series where I'll be reading articles on ColdFusion MX 7 from the Macromedia Developer Center. The first podcast of the series is a reading of Creating Better Forms Faster with ColdFusion MX 7, by Mike Nimer of Macromedia. Later, I as I gain experience with podcasting I'd like to expand the scope by adding interviews and news podcasts that relate to the ColdFusion Community.

To subscribe to the podcasts you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed, where you'll be subscribed only to podcasts but none of the other content on this blog. Alternatively, you could subscribe to the main TalkingTree RSS 2.0 feed which will include all content from this blog in addition to those blogs which contain podcast attachments.

Podcast-enabled blog aggregators include Feed Demon and iPodder. See my earlier blog entry on getting into podcasting for more information about configuring your blog reader for podcasts.

While my podcasting skills still need a lot of tuning, such as trying to speak more naturally and coordinating the music clip volume with the volume of my speaking voice, I think that a human voice is far better than the only other alternative right now for ColdFusion audio content, MXNA Take-away. That site uses text to speech translation software that results in audio that is barely discernable. While it is somewhat tolerable to listen when the speech is common english, as soon it hits technical vocabulary I find it very untolerable and indecipherable. My new podcast series intends to fill the gap with technical content in an understandable human voice.

I'd like to thank the makers of the free audio editing software used to create these podcasts, Audacity.