Obsessed with Blogging?

At 10 pm, my wife walks into the living room and sees me on the couch with the widescreen laptop illuminating the walls.

She says with a sigh, "my husband ... the blogger".

I tried to explain the whole getting blogged by Dave Winer thing... she didn't get it.

Podcast Unto Others, As You Would Have Others Podcast Unto You

O'Reilly blogger Jake Ludington published the second article in a series about podcasting. I'm skimmed them so far and I'm about to give them a careful read since they appear to be clear and comprehensive.

Podcatch.com - A directory of cool stuff for the podcasting community

Blogging's Founding Father, Dave Winer, who first envisioned podcasting, has launched a new site tonight, Podcatch to act as a respository of knowledge for the podcasting community.

I commented on his initial post about my intentions to start podcasting Macromedia technical content, move on into interviews and such, and then reach out into creative podcasting when my experience matures.

Dave picked up on my comments and blogged it on Scripting News, where he relates to my experience as one of those moments where the lights suddenly go on.

Check out this one hour interview with Dave on IT Conversations. He discusses his first course in computing after following his father's advice, to starting his first business, running Userland Software, developing XML-RPC, SOAP, RSS, and podcasting. If you're not listening to IT Conversations regularly, you should be!