Library of Congress Series on Digital Future - Free on has a series of 8 lectures on the topic of the Digital Future, available free of charge, published by C-SPAN. Each lecture is about an hour and a half, and downloadable in mp3 format for you iPod.

I can't post the direct link to the lecture series since uses session data in the URL and without the session parameter it logs an error, so just search for the topic title or author on their site.


scienceNow - Special PBS Series

The PBS program NOVA has produced an innovative, educational science program called scienceNow, which started airing this spring. I think the series is absolutely fantastic, not only because of the content, but because the host Robert Krulwich is able to convey the complex topics through his antics as well as serious discussion.

What's best about the actual shows is that they are available for viewing on the internet, so if you weren't able to watch it or record it on your Tivo, no problem. Just go to the site and watch the streaming video there!

Each show covers about 3 or 4 topics, and the most recent edition had a great section about stem cell research and therapeutic cloning.

Protecting Personal Data in Windows XP

Jake Ludington's blog, MediaBlab, has a comprehensive blog entry to securing Windows XP computers in case they are stolen. The guide includes basic security advise such as forcing users to login to XP, but also covers advanced security options such as file system encryption and offsite, hard-copy password storage. The author has published a longer security guide available here.