Scalability and Reliability in J2EE Clustered Environments

The Boston Java Meetup Group will host Cameron Purdy of Tangosol to discuss application development considerations for maximum scalable performance and reliability in clustered J2EE environments on May 23, 2005 at 7pm in Somerville, MA. Check out the Java Meetup site for details and map. I will ask them for permission to broadcast this live, but no promises yet.

Check out my blog entry on Tangasol's Coherence clustering software, which I learned about when I met Cameron at the last meeting.

Cameron will focus on improving scalability and scalable performance of applications through the use of clustered caching, and will describe Tangosol's architectural approach to the challenges of reliably sharing live data among clustered JVMs in the application tier while providing transparent fail-over.

About Cameron: Cameron Purdy is president of Tangosol and has ten years of experience with Java and Java-related technology. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community. Cameron regularly participates in industry standards development and is the specification lead for JSR 107 (jCache).

Breezo going on now! Tim Buntel and Simon Horwith!

Two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers. They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

Part 1) Tim Buntel - What is cool in CFMX 7 - Tim is the Macromedia Sr. Product Manager for ColdFusion and will talk about what his favorite CF MX 7 features are.

Part 2) Simon Horwith Design Patterns and CFML. Design patterns are a way to making architecting your apps easier and to reuse common software designs.

Archived Meeting:

ColdFusion Live! MeetingSteven Erat moderating a Breeze Live meeting

Yes, that's a Fedora Core 3 server behind me and new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 box of CD's on the side :)