Give me a break already. What an oversensitive pack of wussies we've become if people are seriously considering prosecuting the so called "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks, whose story has been sensationalized though the headlines of all the major news networks. I think the popular media is perpetually in a frenzy, looking to produce overhyped stories that lead to showcase trials which the American public sadly loves to consume for pure entertainment value.

Watching CBS News this morning, there was a debate between some witch lawyer from Boston and Gloria Allred, a self-styled victims'-rights advocate. The witch was salivating over the prospect of prosecuting Jennifer and compared her to serial killer Jeffrey Dawmer and Andrea Yates who killed her children in a fit of depression.

Let Jennifer go home, settle down, and think about what she's done. She freaked out about getting married, nothing more. Enough already, send the media home, and kick them in the ass on the way out the door!

In a related "we're all a pack of wussies" story, Boston news has recently highlighted a man who spanked his child with a belt, 3 slaps, for chronically not doing his homework. Clearly the father and son generally have a good relationship, and this man was not abusing his son, and even the law permits spanking your child within a reasonable amount if the parent thinks its warranted. But the child got scared the next day and called his mom, the father's ex-wife, and she called the police and got a restraining order.

Again... Give me a break!

I had many relatives grow up with tough love and they've all turned out fine. Yikes! Get over it already lady! The law which this guy supposedly broke was obviously intended to protect children against serious child abuse and extreme corporal punishment. You can see from the interviews of the child that he loves his father and gets along great.