More unsupported tinkering....

If you have a Windows development machine where you'd like to install both CFMX 7 server configuration and CFMX 7 Multiserver or J2EE (Websphere, Weblogic, etc) installation, the ColdFusion Search Service for each installer will overwrite the previous Search Service. Making searching usable the by last installation configuration, and not the earlier configuration.

One way to get around this is to do the first CFMX 7 installation including the Verity option, then later run a batch file to remove the Search Service, edit the verity installation config file to provide a unique name for the Service and unique K2 ports, then run the batch file to install the Service and configure that server instance's K2 server to listen on those ports.

The goal here would be to have installed the CFMX 7 Server Configuration and change the K2 Search Service to have a different Service Name and listen on different ports. Then you'll edit the CFAdmin K2 page to reflect those new ports. Later, you could install the Multiserver/J2EE configuration and let it install its own CFMX K2 Search Service while leaving that Service to its defaults.

The sequence for changing the Search Service name would be:

  • run C:CFusionMX7verityverity-uninstall.bat
  • edit C:CFusionMX7verityverity-install.cfg
  • change NTServiceName=ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server to something else
    like NTServiceName=ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server SC where SC is just a
    hint that this is for the Server Configuration instance
  • change the K2 Admin, Server, and Index ports. See below.
  • run C:CFusionMX7verityverity-install.bat
  • Update the CFAdmin K2 Server advanced settings to reflect these new ports

After running the verity-install.bat, the Search Service for Server Configuration will have a new name. Then you can install the other Multiserver or J2EE server configuration and let the installer run the Verity install kit which will create the ColdFusion MX 7 Search Service again, but it won't collide with the earlier one that you've just renamed.

If you're running two Search Services, then the ports must be changed to avoid a conflict, and is best done while you're changing the Service name and performing the Verity uninstall/reinstall.

When changing the K2 ports, remember there's a K2 Admin port, a K2 Server port, and K2 Index port as seen in the advanced settings part of the K2 Server page in the CFAdmin.

The K2 Admin port is 9950 by default and is indicated in the verity-install.cfg file like so:

Alias = ColdFusionK2
Host = localhost
Description = ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server
Email =
Port = 9950
Mode = master
NTServiceName=ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server

The K2 Server port, default 9920, is further down on line like this:

cmdline6= serverset 1 "ColdFusionK2_server1" 9920 "ColdFusion K2Server" ...

And the default port for the K2 Index server is 9960:

cmdline6= indexerset 1 "ColdFusionK2_indexserver1" 9960 "ColdFusion K2 Index Server" ...

When you've done the Verity uninstall/reinstall the K2 Server will use those new ports.

Finally, edit the Advanced Settings of the Verity K2 Server page in the CFAdmin to reflect the new ports you chosen.

Make sense? I might be babbling here...

Again, none of this would be supported by Macromedia, but is provided here just for those inclined to tinker.