Connection Pooling Deadlocks with User-based Security Models

This is an explanation of why someone with a ColdFusion application that uses User-based Security Models can get themselves into a connection pool deadlock, resulting in "Timeout trying to establish connection" errors even when the database sees no requests for connections coming in.

This follows up on a previous blog entry here that describes User-based Security Models with regard to connection pooling in general. If your're reading this and are confused, try reading the other blog entry first.


Simple ColdFusion Stored Procedure Example

I was recently asked for an small example to create an Oracle stored procedure and a ColdFusion page to run it, so for the benefit of anyone else looking for a simple example for testing, you can download it here.

  • put the .sql file into the Oracle bin directory, then run the script from SQL Plus to create the sample procedure.
    Just enter: SQL> @cMacrSampleProc.sql
  • edit the datasource name in the cfm file
  • run the cfm to test using CFSTOREDPROC and CFPROCPARAM


ColdFusion Live! Michael Smith on Personas and Simon Horwith on Design Patterns

Join the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group for this week's ColdFusion Live! preview of the CFUNITED conference. Today's event will begin in about a half hour from the time of this writing at 12:30 PM US/Eastern time. Later the recorded, archived meeting link will be posted to the OCFMG message boards and to

Two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers. They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

12:30 - 1:00 US/Eastern Time
See for a timezone converter.

Part 1) Michael Smith Personas for better apps. Personas are a way to make a better User Interface for your users without going crazy.

Part 2) Simon Horwith Design Patterns and CFML. Design patterns are a way to making architecting your apps easier and to reuse common software designs.

CFUnited - The premier ColdFusion conference, June 28 - July 1, 2005.

Blog In Black - Outstanding Breezo on Using Eclipse for CF, Flex, ActionScript, and SQL

I'd been considering finding a speaker to discuss Eclipse, CFEclipse, and related as an event at the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group, but Kai Kˆnig of recently recorded a presentation on this.

Kai did an absolutely fantastic job providing a survey of multiple uses Eclipse for ColdFusion, Flex, ActionScript, and as a Database explorer through a discussion of slides and plenty of good demos and walkthroughs.

"Breeze session on Eclipse and how to use it with Macromedia technology"

Concord's North Bridge closed

The North Bridge, one of the state's most visited historic sites, will be closed for the next few months while it undergoes repairs, according to the National Park Service.

The bridge in Minute Man National Park was closed last Monday while the contractor prepared for work around the bridge and nearby monuments. The actual restoration project will begin next Monday with the dismantling of the current bridge. The work is expected to take several months.

The current wooden bridge that has stood in commemoration of the 1775 battle was built in 1956. There has been a bridge in the general area of the current bridge since 1760.

- Boston Globe

ColdFusion highlighted in Macromedia Fourth Quarter Results

Betsey Nelson, CFO of Macromedia, noted in the Breezo of today's Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2005:

Server products posted nice strong results this quarter with major strategic wins in both Flex and ColdFusion...

I'm still listening, so there might be more on CF. There's definitely a few slides just on Flex in there.

Here's a text version of the quarter's results.

Multiple installation configurations collide on Verity Search Service

More unsupported tinkering....

If you have a Windows development machine where you'd like to install both CFMX 7 server configuration and CFMX 7 Multiserver or J2EE (Websphere, Weblogic, etc) installation, the ColdFusion Search Service for each installer will overwrite the previous Search Service. Making searching usable the by last installation configuration, and not the earlier configuration.

One way to get around this is to do the first CFMX 7 installation including the Verity option, then later run a batch file to remove the Search Service, edit the verity installation config file to provide a unique name for the Service and unique K2 ports, then run the batch file to install the Service and configure that server instance's K2 server to listen on those ports.

The goal here would be to have installed the CFMX 7 Server Configuration and change the K2 Search Service to have a different Service Name and listen on different ports. Then you'll edit the CFAdmin K2 page to reflect those new ports. Later, you could install the Multiserver/J2EE configuration and let it install its own CFMX K2 Search Service while leaving that Service to its defaults.


Macromedia: Java, ColdFusion Developers Safe

On April 21, Ben Forta blogged about an article in SD Times where Kevin Lynch was quoted about ColdFusion. I couldn't find that article online then, but today I noticed it's a headline in the May 1st online edition of SD Times:

Macromedia: Java, ColdFusion Developers Safe

Here's Brian Rinaldi's link from the comments below.

Let Jennifer Wilbanks Be

Give me a break already. What an oversensitive pack of wussies we've become if people are seriously considering prosecuting the so called "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks, whose story has been sensationalized though the headlines of all the major news networks. I think the popular media is perpetually in a frenzy, looking to produce overhyped stories that lead to showcase trials which the American public sadly loves to consume for pure entertainment value.

Watching CBS News this morning, there was a debate between some witch lawyer from Boston and Gloria Allred, a self-styled victims'-rights advocate. The witch was salivating over the prospect of prosecuting Jennifer and compared her to serial killer Jeffrey Dawmer and Andrea Yates who killed her children in a fit of depression.

Let Jennifer go home, settle down, and think about what she's done. She freaked out about getting married, nothing more. Enough already, send the media home, and kick them in the ass on the way out the door!

In a related "we're all a pack of wussies" story, Boston news has recently highlighted a man who spanked his child with a belt, 3 slaps, for chronically not doing his homework. Clearly the father and son generally have a good relationship, and this man was not abusing his son, and even the law permits spanking your child within a reasonable amount if the parent thinks its warranted. But the child got scared the next day and called his mom, the father's ex-wife, and she called the police and got a restraining order.

Again... Give me a break!

I had many relatives grow up with tough love and they've all turned out fine. Yikes! Get over it already lady! The law which this guy supposedly broke was obviously intended to protect children against serious child abuse and extreme corporal punishment. You can see from the interviews of the child that he loves his father and gets along great.

RHEL 3 Update 4 w/ 2.4.21-27 kernel - Kernel Panic - process cfusion

A strange report recently came in for which I've found no precedence in ColdFusion's history. A system adminstrator installed Update 4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (v3.4) with the 2.4.21-27 kernel, and 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp and now after 1 or 2 days of uptime the system encounters a kernel panic and stops, where the ColdFusion MX 6.1 U1 cfusion process is highlighted at the console:

Process cfusion (pid: 7392, stackpage=df8df000)
Stack {...bunch of hex values here}
Call Trace: [] __free_pte [kernel] 0x242
Code: 0f 0b e1 00 a7 ....
Kernel panic: Fatal exception

I've not found any past case of kernel panic for ColdFusion anywhere, and even Google turns up empty, so this looks like a first to me.

If the sysadmin rolls boots an older kernel then the system is stable. The sysadmin reports that Red Hat recommends the new kernel to them.

That's all I've got right now, but just thought I'd share in case a CFMX/Linux user runs into this.

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