Add a Recent Comments Pod to Your BlogCFC

Here's a pod for BlogCFC that will show some of the recent comments on the sidebar menu. You can adjust the number for comments shown and the amount of text to preview.

I'm using it now, and I've chosen to show the most recent 3 comments with up to 100 characters of text, which comes out to be about 3 lines.

To use it, first download it and unzip it into {blog}/includes/pods/.

Then to get it to show up in the blog, open {blog}/tags/layout.cfm and find the various cfincludes at the bottom which correspond to the calendar, archive, and search pods for example. Copy one of the cfinclude tags, and paste it in the position that you want it to show up. I have my recentComments.cfm pod under the recent.cfm pod. Save the file and that's it.

You could also edit the pod text style to match your blog theme.

Download Pod

Solution: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/zerog/lax/LAX

This week I've been setting up my new PowerMac G5, and in the course of preparing to install ColdFusion on JRun I hit a wall in the form of a ZeroG installer error when installing Updater 5 for JRun.


Massachusetts Legislature Rejects Governor's Amendments to Stem Cell Bill

Following up on my earlier blog post, the Boston Globe reports that the Governor's proposed changes to the Stem Cell bill were firmly rejected. Whoo hoo! One such amendment was an archaic definition of the beginning of life as the moment of conception.

The passing of this bill will help establish Massachusetts as a state that's serious about Biotechnology and Science, and will help keep scientists from moving elsewhere such as California which passed a similar bill which actually funded stem cell research last year.

Read more about it.

ColdFusion Live! Geoff Snowman and Robi Sen, a CFUNITED preview

At 12:30 EST today, Geoff Snowman will discuss SQL Server 2005 for CF Developers, and Robi Sen will discuss Advanced Scaling and Tuning in ColdFusion.

These are two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers. They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

12:30 - 1:00 US/Eastern Time
See also

RSVP at:

Sponsored by CFUnited - The premier ColdFusion conference, June 29 - July 1, 2005., and the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group.

Maintaining Session State on ColdFusion MX 7 on WebSphere 5.1 - Packet Traces

Here's a recent test I performed to demonstrate how state is maintained in a simple ColdFusion application that uses J2EE Sessions on a WebSphere 5.1 server.

The test application simply sets a client variable on the first page, then tests for the client variable on the second and third pages.


Scalability and Reliability in J2EE Clustered Environments

The Boston Java Meetup Group will host Cameron Purdy of Tangosol to discuss application development considerations for maximum scalable performance and reliability in clustered J2EE environments on May 23, 2005 at 7pm in Somerville, MA. Check out the Java Meetup site for details and map. I will ask them for permission to broadcast this live, but no promises yet.

Check out my blog entry on Tangasol's Coherence clustering software, which I learned about when I met Cameron at the last meeting.

Cameron will focus on improving scalability and scalable performance of applications through the use of clustered caching, and will describe Tangosol's architectural approach to the challenges of reliably sharing live data among clustered JVMs in the application tier while providing transparent fail-over.

About Cameron: Cameron Purdy is president of Tangosol and has ten years of experience with Java and Java-related technology. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community. Cameron regularly participates in industry standards development and is the specification lead for JSR 107 (jCache).

Breezo going on now! Tim Buntel and Simon Horwith!

Two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers. They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

Part 1) Tim Buntel - What is cool in CFMX 7 - Tim is the Macromedia Sr. Product Manager for ColdFusion and will talk about what his favorite CF MX 7 features are.

Part 2) Simon Horwith Design Patterns and CFML. Design patterns are a way to making architecting your apps easier and to reuse common software designs.

Archived Meeting:

ColdFusion Live! MeetingSteven Erat moderating a Breeze Live meeting

Yes, that's a Fedora Core 3 server behind me and new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 box of CD's on the side :)

Archived: Doug Hughes on Using Java in CF, Leo Laporte on Future of Internet

A couple of great talks for ColdFusion enthusiasts and Web enthusiasts alike!

Doug's Talk on Using Java with ColdFusion, and Leo's talk on the Future of the Internet.

See also: Leo's moblog photo from meeting, and Leo's blog entry on this event.

Thanks so much Doug and Leo!

This meeting was sponsored by the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group and the Maryalnd ColdFusion User Group

Tonight! Leo Laporte on Future of Internet, Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion

The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group in cooperation with the Maryland CFUG bring you well known tech guru Leo Laporte to discuss The Future of the Internet. Following Leo, Doug Hughes will present Using Java from ColdFusion.

Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30 - 9:00 PM US/Eastern Time. (Timezone Info)

Archived Recordings: Doug Hughes and Leo Laporte

Part 1) Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion.

Doug Hughes, is the president of Alagad Inc and author of the Alagad Image Component. Alagad, which was founded in 1996, is a successful small business with clients around the world. Alagad specializes in web related services, consulting and development. Thought Alagad and other employers, Doug has spent many years "in the trenches" of web development. He has expertise in ColdFusion and many other technologies.

His work has also been published by Macromedia on Macromedia's DevNet Resource Kits. Previously, Doug worked with multimedia programming, 3D animation, design and illustration. See

Part 2) Leo Laporte on the Future of the Internet:

Currently Leo hosts a radio technology talk show on KFI AM 640, Los Angeles every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3p (available via podcast every week), and Call for Help, a daily hour-long television show produced in Toronto and aired throughout Canada. He also appears regularly on many television and radio programs including Live with Regis and Kelly. Leo's website can blog can be found at

Now Available: Flex for Web Application Developers

The new Macromedia training course that I wrote about in March is now available. First course is May 31st in Seattle according to the Macromedia Training page.

Check out the course outline at Schooner Technical Media Training.

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