This snapping turtle was found marching across the street in front of my house, the same street as seen in my webcam. To save her from becoming a road kill special, I carefully snatched her up, put her in the back of my truck, and drove her over to a marsh next to the Sudbury River to let her go.

I suspect that the turtle is a female because this time of year snapping turtles come ashore looking for dry places to lay their eggs. She's better off finding somewhere near the river instead of someone's parking lot.

I think the proper way to handle a snapping turtle is grab the front end of the carapace just behind the head, and with the other hand grab the back end of the carapace above the tail. Nevertheless, I preferred to pick it up by the sides. It's head lunged straight forward with a mouth gaping wide enough to chomp a tennis ball, but it never tried to extend its neck to the side, so I felt safe.

Earlier in the day I was driving along Rt 126 in Wayland and spotted another turtle in the grass about 20 feet from the road. I thought about turning around to move it, but there was a lot of traffic and I suspected that it would know better than to enter the road. When I got home I was greeted with a repitilian reminder that they really have no fear of roads, until the last moment.

I was amazed at how agile she was. She was pretty darn near jumping out the back of the truck bed. Upon release, I plopped her in the mud near the marsh's edge, she took a moment to get oriented, then made deep dive into the marsh and was gone in just a couple seconds.