The Devnet Edition of Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Server produces a META tag as a "watermark" in the generated output to indicate that it is not for use in production although it has all the Enterprise features and no IP restrictions. This is useful for allowing a team of developers to work off a central CFMX server in a shop that chooses not to buy an Enterprise or Standard edition license for development/QA. The watermark is generated as the first line of generated output and will appear before any HTML markup in between the HEAD tags when outputting HTML, but its a problem for non-HTML content. If the generated content is, say, XML delivered via CFCONTENT then the XML will have the unclosed META tag as a watermark which breaks the well-formedness of the XML document.

"ColdFusionMXEdition" CONTENT="ColdFusion DevNet Edition - Not for Production Use.">

In ColdFusion MX 6.1 this watermark could be avoided by setting the content type with CFCONTENT in pages where the watermark broke the generated content, as blogged here, but in CFMX 7 there is no such workaround.

Since the DevNet edition is meant for development/QA only, you could remove the existing DevNet serial number for the ColdFusion MX 7 installation and it will automatically become the free Developer's Edition which does not produce the watermark but has an IP restriction to localhost and 2 other IP addresses.

    To change the edition from DevNet to Developer:
  • Stop ColdFusion MX server
  • Backup $CFHOME/lib/
  • Edit the original $CFHOME/lib/
  • Find the line with the serial number, such as "sn=CXX7NN-NNNNN-NNNNN-NNNNNN"
  • Remove everything on that line after "sn=" (remove the serial number actually)
  • Save the file
  • Start ColdFusion server
  • Check System Information page in CF Admin to confirm that it is Developer Edition

Again, the Developer Edition has full Enterprise features, but it has an IP restriction that DevNet did not. The META tag watermark will no longer appear in the generated content.

In this scenario, a team of developers won't be able to connect to and test with a centralized Developer Edition of ColdFusion MX 7, but they could each install a free copy of the Developer Edition locally on their workstation/laptop and then check the source into a central locatation for testing by one or two individuals. Of course, this may present a hardship for a developer team that chose to not purchase a Standard or Enterprise license for their central dev/QA CFMX 7 server.