A Beer and a Bushel at CFUNITED

There's really only one true reason I return to Maryland every year,... Steamed Crabs (apologies to Michael Smith ;) You've never had'em until you've had'em in Maryland. Get your hands all , pry open the backfin, whack on the table to crack open the claws, suck out the "mustard", and wash it back with a cold one. That's the way to do it. All your CFUNITED buddies will go insane when they smell the aroma wafting off you as you head back for more ColdFusion talks!

plotted a course from the CFUNITED Marriott Hotel to Joe's Crab Shack up the road in Gaithersburg off the Rockville Pike. I plan to memorize the route in case of lunchtime craving. The website looks a little too glitzy for my taste, as I usually prefer the little mom & pop shops where they sell'em by the dozen or by the bushel out the back door.

When I'm in Dundalk east of Baltimore, my favorite crab place is Ross's Crab House on Merritt Boulevard, and on the Eastern Shore I like to stop by Harrisons on Tilghman Island. Here's a long listing of Crab Houses closer to the Chesapeake.

The veterans out there will manage, but if you don't even know what a Jimmy is then you're gonna need some help:

How To Eat Maryland Steamed Crabs

If you know of a small crab house near Rockville, please drop a line!

Creating an ODBC Datasource to a remote MS Access DSN in CFMX

When configuring ColdFusion MX server on Windows to connect to a MS Access datasource that resides on a mapped drive or elsewhere on the network, the ColdFusion MX ODBC Server Service must be set to run as a domain user account, not the default System Account. The ODBC Server Service establishes the connection to remote .mdb file, so it needs to have permission to access the domain and the remote Access dsn. The ODBC Services act as middleware between ColdFusion and the database. The ColdFusion server process never touches the remote Access database.

The ColdFusion MX Application Server Service does not need to run as a domain account. Earlier versions of ColdFusion, i.e. CF5, didn't use the intermediate ODBC Services so for those versions it was the ColdFusion Application Server Service itself that needed to be configured to run as the domain account. This confusion arises from time to time when CF5 users move to CFMX.