When configuring ColdFusion MX server on Windows to connect to a MS Access datasource that resides on a mapped drive or elsewhere on the network, the ColdFusion MX ODBC Server Service must be set to run as a domain user account, not the default System Account. The ODBC Server Service establishes the connection to remote .mdb file, so it needs to have permission to access the domain and the remote Access dsn. The ODBC Services act as middleware between ColdFusion and the database. The ColdFusion server process never touches the remote Access database.

The ColdFusion MX Application Server Service does not need to run as a domain account. Earlier versions of ColdFusion, i.e. CF5, didn't use the intermediate ODBC Services so for those versions it was the ColdFusion Application Server Service itself that needed to be configured to run as the domain account. This confusion arises from time to time when CF5 users move to CFMX.