The title and topic of this week's I CRINGELY column are as follows:

"A Flash in the Pan"

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What does Adobe's purchase of Macromedia mean? Bob explains, and talks about NeuStar, the VoiP company worth banking on.

"Of course, Adobe gets a lot more than Flash from its $3.4 billion (all stock, no cash) purchase. It gets Codeweaver and ColdFusion,"...

"Macromedia, in contrast, has great customer support and very good developer relations. Let's hope some of that stays." ...

"So it is a good deal all around, especially if Adobe can learn from Macromedia how to have fun."

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"Assuming that happens, the new Adobe Systems will emerge as a powerful software company with an array of products including applications such Photoshop and Illustrator - which are commonly used in publishing content in the print and web worlds - as well as Macromedia's Dreamweaver and ColdFusion products, which are essential elements to building web sites."