A message from Robert Cringely:

Dear Readers,

The Internet is a global medium, so probably a third of you don't live in the United States. Those who do live in the U.S. may know that PBS, which pays me to write these columns, is facing a potential 46 percent reduction in Federal funding. If I, Cringely, or indeed any other part of pbs.org, is of value to you, please consider contacting your Congressional representative to make sure he or she knows how you feel. I'd like to keep my job.

All the best,



The House Appropriations committee is proposing more than $220 million in funding cuts for public broadcasting, effectively a 46 percent reduction of public broadcasting's federal financial support.

To preserve the programs you know and trust, the shows that teach our children and the services that support our educators, PBS is urgently asking all Americans who value public broadcasting to call, fax, or e-mail Congress. For details on how you can help, visit www.pbs.org/takeaction