This was a very well organized and well presented talk by Selene. I'll also be attending here Advanced SQL talk later, but here's my notes from this presentation.

Databases: Collection of Tables, rows, columns, look like spread sheets, unique identifers, etc..

Relational Databases (RDBMS) - determine what the db is going to be, what the data might be, visualize columns and think about their relationship, helps to build tables.

For example, a product db might have product name, category, when they placed order, customer info, etc.... Example shows a flat data file with all info in one big table, but elements are repeated in multiple rows, duplication of data, no referential data, and data can't be queried until its inserted. A form should be able display all the product names, (a little fast here...) How to get rid of data duplication, data could be misspelled in different instances, how do you know which values are the good values, and might have multiple prices so how do you know which one is the current price.