Finished the Model-Glue Quickstart Guide

I've just completed the Model-Glue Quickstart Guide, written by Joe Rinehart. It reads a lot like the Head First series of tech books, so that made it a lot of fun. In total, it took me about 3 hours tonight starting with the initial Model-Glue download until the end of the last page.

Right out of the gate, I'd have to say that this tutorial enabled me to really understand the Model-Glue framework much more than the Waterswing tutorial did with Mach II. Joe did a fantastic job with this. The mini-quickstarts are easy to follow, make sense, and break the tutorial down into logical parts. This makes it easy to measure success while also providing a clear stopping point while working out any errors. The whole tutorial really flows well.

There are a couple confusing aspects to the tutorial, such as the frequent use of different case for the same variable or page name, including one tag in the StockQuoteConfig.xml that had a matching closing tag, upper case B. The ModelGlue directory structure itself varies in the case of file and directory names compared to the tutorial. I thought that the inconsistent case usage would cause problems, but even though I completed the tutorial on a Mac while using vi and CFEclipse the case issues were largely negligible. Some of the mini-quickstarts show code that builds upon code from the last quickstart, but the lack of markup makes it difficult to catch exactly which parts are to be changed for the current lesson, such as in the Message Arguments lesson.

While some polishing could be used, it is very well written and entertaining. I liked it a lot. I highly recommend you check out the Model-Glue Quickstart Guide too.

Registered for Joe Rinehart's CFMX OO Course at CFUNITED

I hadn't planned on taking a pre-conference course at CFUNITED this year, but after reading Sean Corfield's many recent posts about migrating from Mach-II to Model-Glue my interest has been spurred.

I've signed up for Joe's course on the preceding Tuesday:

Forms and Beans: Refactoring existing ColdFusion using Objects

To prepare, I expect to read the Quickstart Guide at a minimum.

I had taken the one day Hal Helms course on Mach II at Teratech last fall. Frankly, I was disappointed with that only because the course should have been titled OO Development in CFMX instead of Intro to Mach II. I certainly loved the material and Hal's presentation style, he's one of the best speakers, but I felt mislead because we ran out of time and hardly ever touched Mach II at all. I mean, I paid out of pocket for this and flew down just for the day, so I wanted more Mach II.

My expectations for this course are better suited. Joe said that this course will review how to turn a procedural app into an a OO one, and if there is time he'll get into Model-Glue. I hope we find a way during the conference to get further into Model-Glue as I would like to walk away from CFUNITED feeling confident in the framework style.

Look who dropped by...

Ed Sullivan and Simeon BatemanOk, I was really gonna title this blog entry, Look what the cat dragged in, but Simeon Bateman and Ed Sullivan were looking pretty sharp today. ;-)

Ed, User Group Program Manager of Macromedia, was showing Sim around our Newton office today, so they swung by to check out my new hardware. If you don't know of Simeon already, he's the Portland CFUG manager and a technical project lead on CFEclipse in addition to Rob Rohan and Stephen Milligan as well.

Check out Sim's blog!

Sim and I will be at the CFUNITED BOF session for ColdFusion bloggers on Thursday July 30 at 7:20pm. We'll see you there!