I hadn't planned on taking a pre-conference course at CFUNITED this year, but after reading Sean Corfield's many recent posts about migrating from Mach-II to Model-Glue my interest has been spurred.

I've signed up for Joe's course on the preceding Tuesday:

Forms and Beans: Refactoring existing ColdFusion using Objects

To prepare, I expect to read the Quickstart Guide at a minimum.

I had taken the one day Hal Helms course on Mach II at Teratech last fall. Frankly, I was disappointed with that only because the course should have been titled OO Development in CFMX instead of Intro to Mach II. I certainly loved the material and Hal's presentation style, he's one of the best speakers, but I felt mislead because we ran out of time and hardly ever touched Mach II at all. I mean, I paid out of pocket for this and flew down just for the day, so I wanted more Mach II.

My expectations for this course are better suited. Joe said that this course will review how to turn a procedural app into an a OO one, and if there is time he'll get into Model-Glue. I hope we find a way during the conference to get further into Model-Glue as I would like to walk away from CFUNITED feeling confident in the framework style.