Curiosities abound at MXDJ

Steve Erat - Industry Blog ... Really?

Looking at my blog referrers, I found this one popping up quite frequently today:

When I clicked on this link I was taken to a blog aggregator that displayed a list of images in the left menu, and to my surprise, there was a rather low-res graphic of me, with a banner "Steve Erat - Industry Blog". Really? Industry blog? Hadn't thought of it that way before. To me its just my personal blog. In fact, it says so on my TalkingTree banner image.


Archived: Charlie Arehart & Lou Honick CFUNITED Preview Breezo

Part 1) Charlie Arehart - Integrating CFML and ASP.NET Server Controls

Part 2) Lou Honick - How to Build, Refresh or Rebuild Your Datacenter on Time and Under Budget

These talks are two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers.They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

This event was recorded and is available for viewing again at this location:

CFUNITED, the premier ColdFusion conference, June 29 - July 1 2005