Steve Erat - Industry Blog ... Really?

Looking at my blog referrers, I found this one popping up quite frequently today:

When I clicked on this link I was taken to a blog aggregator that displayed a list of images in the left menu, and to my surprise, there was a rather low-res graphic of me, with a banner "Steve Erat - Industry Blog". Really? Industry blog? Hadn't thought of it that way before. To me its just my personal blog. In fact, it says so on my TalkingTree banner image.

This was the first time I've ever seen my face plastered on anyone else's website, other than some community pages where I've uploaded them myself. It was kind of shocking. While I would have preferred something more recent or perhaps a favorite of mine, I assume the developer just googled for "Steven Erat" and dug up this one.

The photo is low res, because it was taken in 1999 with my second digital camera, a 2.0 MP Kodak. I took the photo of myself by holding it at arm's length while standing in front of the pyramids at Mont Alban near Oaxaca, Mexico. I actually lost the originals from this trip, and all I had for that photo gallery were some incorrectly edited ones where I had the jpg compression set too low. I was still learning to master Adobe Photoshop back then, so I made a lot of mistakes.

Note to the MXDJ web master: Please ask me to supply a photo next time!

The MXDJ graphic of Mike Chambers caught my eye too. Looks like they totally misgoogled that one. Here's the real Mike Chambers.

Somewhat annoyed and poking around a little further, I found this unprotected directory with some juicy tidbits lying there since there was no default document present and directory browsing is enabled. First there was a CFINCLUDE page with a .inc extension, which the webserver happily served up to me to show the CFML source code in the include. Ooooh, another unprotected directory :) I think they have a cluster of 2 or 3 boxes behinded a NAT'd load balancer because only 1 of every 2 or 3 requests shows me the directory structure, so I think directory browsing is turned off on all but one server.

Below that, the Apache server Signature was on, to reveal Apache/1.3.33 version. This is the default version of Apache that ships with Mac OS X 10.4. Could they be running ColdFusion on Mac in production?

No. Not ColdFusion at all.

The First and Only Magazine for Macromedia MX runs BlueDragon, actually.

Yep, BlueDragon, as shown in this unhandled error message when requesting a non-existant page.

Fun, fun, fun... Let's see what else I can find...

Oh, here's a rant from someone else about SysCon Media stealing copyrighted material..