In addition to the good quality video of the keynote address at CFUNITED, here is an audio only export of the keynote in mp3 format:

Audio mp3 track of the CFUNITED Keynote on June 29th [25MB]

Ben's microphone wasn't tuned as well as Tim Buntel's, so while Tim comes in loud and clear, Ben is a little difficult to follow. The audio for guest Amit who demos a CF7 app was lacking in volume entirely, so it barely comes though here. Simeon Bateman's talk on CFEclipse comes through very well.

  • 0:00 Tim Buntel introduces himself and Ben Forta
  • 6:30 - 15:00 Ben Forta begins discussion of what's new in CFMX 7
  • 16:40 Introduction to Amit Yathirajadasan of Georgetown University who demos CFMX 7 app
  • 17:45 Amit begins, but is generally inaudible
  • 27:20 Tim Buntel recaps Amits talk and segueways to CFMX future
  • 31:20 Ben Forta introduces CFMX 7 updater, code named Merrimack
  • 33:30 Start of CFEclipse discusssion by Tim Buntel
  • 39:40 Simeon Bateman of the CFEclipse Project joins the stage
  • 46:00 Tim Buntel and Ben Forta introduce ColdFusion MX 8, codenamed Scorpio