Here's a good quality video archive of the discussion panel of CFDJ authors at CFUNITED 2005, including Hal Helms, Charlie Arehart, Ben Forta, Michael Smith, Ray Camden, and hosted by Simon Horwith.

The panel fielded questions from the audience on a range of topics from the Adobe Merger, to the lack of presence of ColdFusion material in bookstores, to what features are wanted in CFMX 8, to the ColdFusion framework debate.

The video was made with iMovie on Mac which allowed me to preserve the full audio quality while compressing the video. Note that I also remade the CFUNITED Keynote video with Ben Forta and Tim Buntel since my first try with that came out with rather poor audio. I think you'll like these videos better although the file size is much bigger.

Download Video of CFDJ Panel [165 MB]

The video is 35 minutes, although the event went for about 40, but I ran out of tape :)