Simon Horwith's Report on CFUNITED

Look out for the CFUNITED review in next month's CFDJ magazine. You can chat online and hear what CFDJ editor Simon Horwith thought of CFUNITED and what he learned at it at the CF Live show Thursday 7/21/05 12:30pm - 1pm US/Eastern.

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Securing the ColdFusion MX Administrator

UPDATE June 2010:: You should read the the 2010 article on ColdFusion 9 Lockdown Guide [PDF] for the most recent security advice at this time.


While there are Macromedia technotes and documentation on securing the ColdFusion 5 Administrator, there hasn't been much published on securing the Administrator in ColdFusion MX.

You would think that you could just remove the physical /CFIDE directory from the external webroot, or remove the /CFIDE mapping for the website from the IIS Management Console, but some ColdFusion features like CFFORM or CFGRID have dependencies on files under CFIDE, so removing it entirely would likely break applications or limit them if those features haven't been used yet, and of course, you'd have to restore the /CFIDE everytime you want to adjust ColdFusion Admin settings.