CF Survivor Finalists and Winner

This year's CFUNITED game show was CF Survivor, where contestants were given challenges to overcome while avoiding being voted out. The questions varied from mild coding to server configuration to stylizing an RSS feed. Moderated by Simon Horwith of AboutWeb (thanks for the M&M's!), two contestants made it to the final round, and Daniel Elmore raced to the finish during a final death challenge. Congratulations Daniel (of the Dallas CFUG)! Joseph Danziger came in a close second. I'll send the solutions to Michael Dinowitz, and he'll post them on


Do you know about the Code Compatibility Analyzer?

A lot of people at the CFUNITED conference last week didn't know about it, so I'd like to take a moment to highlight this helpful utility, the ColdFusion MX Code Compatibility Analyzer, which helps check code that you are migrating from earlier versions, such as ColdFusion 5.

This setting is available in the ColdFusion Administrator, in the left menu under the Debugging and Logging section. You select a directory containing the ColdFusion application or CFML source code to be analyzed, list the type of extensions to match such as .cfc or .cfm, and then under the Advanced options I always recommend selecting ALL for the Filter By Severity option. The ALL option will provide warnings at both the ERROR level and the INFORMATION level. The default is ERROR, so you might miss some important INFORMATION messages with that, so choose ALL.

Using this utility is a great first pass at your application when considering the migration process when moving to ColdFusion MX, and will probably save you a little frustration later. Its available in both CFMX 6.x and 7.

Helpful Resources:

Macromedia Hiring ColdFusion Product Support

If you thought about participating in the CF Survivor game last week at CFUNITED, then step up to the plate and try the real thing! There's a contract position open for a ColdFusion Product Support Engineer (tech support) right here in Newton, Massachusetts. Check it out.

From my experience, I can tell you that Macromedia ColdFusion Product Support encompasses not only the ColdFusion server and the CFML language, but also the wealth of web technologies and protocols that integrate with ColdFusion including TCP/IP, HTTP, SQL, SMTP, LDAP, plus operating system usage and administration for Windows, Solaris, and Linux. There's a lot more than that, too.

I find this role at Macromedia to be perpetually challenging and I enjoy learning and keeping up with emerging technologies. Additional perks include exposure to all the Macromedia products, and training is often provided for many of them, including Flash, Flex, Dreamweaver, and Breeze.